Rue Begand

Created in 2017, RUE BEGAND offers a full menswear designed and manufactured in France in his own factory.

Founded by Samuel Granata in Troyes, in the historic heartlands of the French textile industry, Rue Begand showcases a contemporary and considered treatment of the Made in France concept.

The idea? To breathe new life into the everyday outfit, worn all day long, both at the office and out on the sun-drenched streets which mark the divide between modern man and his home. A multi-faceted, non-elitist wardrobe. Perfect for formal settings as well as a more laid-back mood. Made up of simple but effective items.

« We believe in committed and non-elitist fashion. Fashion which evolves, shifts, inspires movement and travel ».

Samuel Granata, founder of Rue Begand.

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